for the first part of our 10 year marriage, we fell into decorating like all of our friends and the classic pottery barn look (**sidenote: we do still like some things at pottery barn…. just using it for a more visual picture). it was a fairly simple and classic look, with neutral colors and adding a shot of “boldness” was going crazy with a patterned pillow on the beige couch. looking back, ben and i both agree that we not only decorated in a way that was not necessarily our style, but we hadn’t even come to grips with what our style was! GASP!! when we decided to remodel our unfinished basement into our working studio, our style was the most important element. this is the place where we meet with wedding clients, other vendors, and carry out our daily workload. but for us, it has also become our favorite place in our house. we were able to start from scratch and not only decorate however we wanted, but also design the floors, ceiling, walls……. everything!!! and 97% of the time, we had a blast doing it. what is the other 3%, you ask? if you are married…… you already know the answer. :) in fact, there is only one small wall in our studio that is still incomplete and it’s the only wall that we haven’t agreed yet as to how we will finish it. and that is where YOU come in! we are taking suggestions for what to do around the TV. ben wanted nothing….. mindy wanted the windows (that are currently hanging) to be painted and then…. something a bit more, just to make that area feel complete. soooooo…. bring on your suggestions….. and of course other comments, please!!!

we will let the photos speak for themselves as to what our studio now looks like, but we sure do have to mention the fantabulous people and places that helped us make it a reality!! let’s first give it up for randy ross, a good friend of ours that is crazy awesome with not only creating and constructing, but also loves to design. we pitched randy our vision and away with it he went, adding his own stupendous details and inventions along the way. and we are super happy to share him since he is so awesome……. so here are his digits (847.525.4617). give him a jingle. and of course we have to give a big shout out to our incredible friends, ben + laura harrison, lisa ruff and tom abrams for not only their creative opinions, but also manual labor of love. :)

mid-century industrial modern with a splash of vintage and retro flair was the look we were trying to achieve. yeah…. we mixed it up….. we’re crazy like that. :) we don’t play by the rules of decorating and it is only important that we are both happy with our choices. our pieces were found all over the place and we would scour the internet, ebay and our favorite stores until the perfect piece was found. mike and rich over at easttown antiques know us by name in there and we usually don’t leave empty handed! they are our favorite antique store in town not only because they have awesome stuff, but also because they are so darn friendly. :) some of our other large pieces came from our new favorite store in chicago, salvage one. where do we begin?!!! four floors of reclaimed and completely incredible pieces. one of our favorite things about salvage one is that they rent it out for weddings, receptions and other events. did we also mention that we are dying to shoot a wedding there? so 2010 couples…… check this place out….. it’s stylish but comfortable, vintage but modern and super crazy cool all rolled into one. anthropologie, cb2 http://www.cb2.com/, blue door, ebay, crate-n-barrel and fulton antiques helped us fill in the details and overall…. we are so HAPPY to have a space to call our own.

enough of my babble….. introducing……. STUDIO 6.23….. the makeover. :)

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