ok. i’m gonna say it like it is… andy and stacie are just about the nicest people we know. and they’re so much fun. i kinda want to be like them. there i said it :)

we first met them on the way back from our family vacation in florida last november. we literally got off the plane and drove straight to our favorite starbucks in chicago’s west loop…kids and all! we hooked up our kiddos with crayons, paper, toys and starbucks snacks and tucked them in the corner. “now, we need you to be REALLY quiet while mom and dad meet with mr. andy and miss stacie!” and boy were they ever troopers!! once we met andy and stacie, we wanted to hang all night.

fast forward to andy and stacie’s engagement session last week. we’re meeting in the same starbucks and it’s totally raining outside. andy has to catch a plane in a couple hours and we’re checking the radar on our iphones. and then it stopped raining! perfect timing! and as always, i’m quite sure our time together couldn’t have been any more fun.

andy and stacie… we can’t even tell you how excited we are to shoot your wedding in may! can you believe it’s just a monthish away?!! thanks for being amazing in every way and for being great friends. we’ll see you in a handful of weeks!!

now…some of our faves…

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