it’s crazy fun meeting brides and grooms for the first time. especially when it’s at an engagement session. “hello, nice to meet you. now, don’t mind these two camera lenses that we’re sticking in your face.” such was the case a weekish ago at mike and emily’s shoot.

oh…quick sidebar or ADD moment here…this is one reason why we’re HUGE fans of engagement sessions!! it’s so much better getting used to the lens in the face thing in a casual ‘let’s have fun and take some pics’ environment . this way, you’re seasoned professionals by your wedding day and we can skip past any camera shyness and jump straight to the relationships and fun!!

anyhoo…mike and emily basically rocked. literally. their outfits? perfect. style? impeccable. friends? instantly.

we had a bunch of locations picked out for their session, but when we learned that mike works in realty and LOVES “blown out old buildings,” we knew that we could get aggressive with their locations. and that we did. then, for icing on the cake, mike tells us that he will be our personal guide to amazing locations throughout the detroit area. yes please!! meanwhile, we learn that emily is teacher which sends us down memory lane since mindy was a teacher for 6 years. needless to say, there were not many quiet moments in the car. for sure.

mike. emily. we are insanely excited to shoot your wedding. we’re a bit giddy about your gallery and hope you love them like we do :) here’s a few that we’ve been dying to share….

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