anyone in GR remembers the weather last weekend. the winds were blowing 30-40 mph. and it was freezing. seriously -what the heck was that all about? so we call phillip and karen with our best “we’re not sure this is the best day for your shoot” speech. but after chatting for a bit, we decided to give it a whirl anyway…and we’re so glad we did!! it didn’t take too long for them to just get numb from the cold wind, and then it wasn’t so bad :)

but seriously… it was like the red sea just parted. the winds stopped (well, sometimes) and we were even able to shoot at the carnival that was in town — something we had been DYING to do!! friday turned out to be the perfect evening for a shoot.

so let us introduce you to phillip and karen. phillip is studying literature at michigan state. and karen is wrapping up law school this week (i think). yeah, that’s right. they’re smart!!!! and cool. and classy. but i’m not gonna lie, they’re good at getting goofy too :) so their engagement session turned out to be a great night of hanging with fun new friends. and oh yeah…we took pictures too! here’s some of our faves…

oh..and p.s. these two know how to kiss too. wow!! you should have seen them in that red spinning thing at the carnival. just sayin.

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