it’s 90 degrees today. what i wouldn’t give to go back a few weeks to this breezy spring day! it kind of makes me chuckle a bit thinking back to it…. “hold on, wait till the wind stops….hold…hold…shoot, shoot, shoot [fix your hair] and shoot.” there’s pretty much only two times we love on our rapid fires. during the wedding kiss. and in between gusts on windy days.

now i have to give a little shout out to nick the rebel. that’s right…the rebel :) for our engagement sessions, we typically encourage the couples to avoid too much white in their shirts. it helps us expose their faces like we want without blowing out their shirt. well…nick brought it and we said we’d give it whirl. and then he busted out the cool purple tie… nick, your stylish rebellion totally ended up making some of my favorite pictures from your whole session. kudos to you. kudos to you.

and can i tell you how much we love meeting the couple that wants us to take risks and try new things. we typically have a handful of shots we’re wanting to try but we have to wait for the right couple. see for instance…the retro gas station below. i don’t know how many times we’ve driven by it thinking, ooh…that would be fun to shoot. but we never did. until nick and laura who rocked it out. booyah for sure.

nick and laura are getting married on september 4th up in cadillac, michigan. and i have a hunch that with these two calling the shots, we’re in for a stylish, cool and crazy party. we honestly can’t wait!!

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