if you haven’t seen us all atweet about it recently, we take one or two weeks a year to shoot families in connecticut. we absolutely LOVE every trip out there! so how random is it that shortly before one of our last trips out there, we’re talking with a chicago bride (aka “leslie”) who just happened to be living in new haven. how cool did i feel when i said, ” oh hey, we’re gonna be in new haven in just a few weeks….wanna meet?!” what are the odds?!

rob and leslie are down to earth. friendly. life doesn’t feel rushed when you’re around them (for example…this was the only session i remember where we stopped to grab a coffee in between locations. now that’s a tradition i could grow to love!!) with them, it’s actually possible to forget that we’re on a photo session and get caught up talking about life. [sigh]. very nice.

couple fun facts about their session. it started out with us getting kicked out of the parking garage that we snagged a few shots from. it’s never a good thing when the security guard is walking toward you on a shoot. good thing we already nailed a few shots :) and then, we went and took pictures in the woods! it’s not a first. but close :)

we’re absolutely looking forward to shooting their wedding at the modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago in just a few weeks. rob and leslie…thanks for inviting us to be a part of your day. and we simply love that we’ve been able to hook up on our last two trips out east. see you in a few!!

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