[let our connecticut blogging begin!]

what would a trip to connecticut be without a day of pushing the limits with the bachaumard family?! sometimes we have a shot that we’re dying to try – without any idea of if we can actually get it or not (i.e., the shot of elliott below with the train flying by!). but who would be willing to let us try it with them? ding ding ding….the bachaumards!

and now, elliott is a senior…so it’s time to do senior pics bachaumard style :) our favorite.
of course enzo and hugo (aka, the jonas brothers!) have got an outfit or two to snag a few shots while we’re out. we’re totally game.

and kristen (mom), i’m personally afraid of mindy spending too much time with you because you put waaayyy too many good ideas in her head. and ideas cost money you know!

thanks guys (and mom!) for always exceeding our hopes and redefining what it means to get your picture taken!!!
til next year!

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