calling all ballerinas. we’ll shoot you any time. and any place…so long as it’s an abandoned warehouse with really cool blown out windows!!!

when our good friend kristen (of the bachaumard’s that we blogged about a week or so back) said, “oh…and we know one other family that would love to catch you guys when you’re in town,” we said…. “game on.” the schedule was full…but never ever so full that we couldn’t squeeze in a ballerina who wanted to go urban. seriously :)

it’s always funny doing a shoot for another artist. i mean, we normally tell people how to hold their heads and place their feet. but how exactly do you tell a dancer what to do when you have no idea what it is that they’re doing. “can you do that one thing where you put your hand up, or whatever…and do that other thing with your feet?!” haha. i confess that i actually tried a couple moves, you know, to try and get my point across. i don’t think it helped :)

stephanie…you seriously gave us a gift by letting us shoot your session. it was crazy fun. and we were totally inspired!!! thank you so much and we hope you love ’em like we do!!!

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