daisy. we could take pictures of you any day. any time. anywhere!
you’ve got that look. you know, the kind where it doesn’t look like you’re posing for the camera. you’re just being you. and we LOVE that!!!

and to everyone that’s noticing how cool daisy’s clothes are, ask us where she gets them! she makes them. yeah, you heard me. she designs and makes a bunch of her own clothes including a shirt worn in this shoot. how cool is that?! i’m pretty sure that when i was her age, i was spending most of my time watching MTV (back when they actually played music videos) and playing my atari 2600. i’m totally inspired.

and mom, dad…i can’t tell you how cool it is that you’re helping daisy find her groove. cause it’s cool. and that makes you crazy cool in our eyes!!

now here’s a few of our faves!!

oh wait….daisy…when you’re a famous designer and need someone to shoot your new line, don’t forget about us!! k. thanks :)

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