the wall family. jim. krissy. connor. fin.
oh how we love thee :)

the wall family was our first ever photoshoot in connecticut! and this was our third time shooting them. in fact, a trip to connecticut wouldn’t be a trip to connecticut without them!! although this time we didn’t have our kids with us so keegan and carter missed out on tearing up the wall basement with connor and fin. next time for sure!!

and while we LOVE every chance we get to connect with jim and krissy, this time was different. it was better.

it started a monthish or so before we headed east when krissy facebooked us to let us know that she had breast cancer. our hearts sank. the pain of breast cancer is all too familiar in our family (with mindy’s mother being a 20+ year breast cancer survivor), so it hurts all the more when it happens to friends.

each of the shoots we’ve done with the walls have meant the world to us. but this year’s was a reminder of just how much we value capturing families at a moment in time. and especially at this time.

krissy has been a warrior. she fights the fight head on. she shares her journey with family and friends. and she doesn’t hide. she brings it every day. she inspires mindy and i with her amazing humor, wit and courage with every facebook update :)

so everyone send some love to the walls!!

and before the pics, just a few fun notes about them. krissy always wanted to do a beatle’s “abbey road” shot with her family. so we just had to do it! we found the perfect road, inserted a vw bug just like the one on the album (ok, not just like it, but a bug all the same!) and note the detail all the way down to jim pretending to hold a cigarette in his right hand :) nice!

and then there’s the last picture of connor and fin holding krissy’s totems…courage, hope, and love. that pretty much says it all!!! keep it up krissy. FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT!

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