let me set the stage.

we’re shooting kevin’s sister’s wedding (aka scott + brittany).
mindy’s shooting the photobooth. and it’s getting kind of crazy.
i’m working the wedding dancefloor. and crazy doesn’t come close to describing it.
i still remember everyone screaming “all aboard” for ozzy’s crazy train.

and then we met kevin and stephanie.
we had talked on the phone. and we’re shooting their wedding next june. but we had never met in person.
i think the screaming conversation went something like this….

i’m pretty sure i screamed something back, gave her a huge hug…and disappeared back into the party.

i’m pretty sure this was the loudest, most fun way we’ve ever met one of our brides for the first time.
so it’s pretty hard for us to think of anything but crazy fun when we think of kevin and stephanie.
and their engagement session proved that true.

til next june you two!! CAN’T….WAIT….!!!

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