the wedding was on this amazing property of a family friend.
the party pictures and portraits went down at a good friend’s barn.
isaac’s brother officiated the ceremony… renee’s mom baked all the pies.

there’s something that’s just oh so perfect when family and friends come together to host a wedding for the bride and groom they love!! it’s something you can see…but more importantly, it’s something everyone can feel.


favorite moment of the day??? (aside from isaac and renee getting married!)…

the song isaac wrote for renee that he surprised her with at the reception (you’ll see the pics below).
i saw a few tears creeping up throughout the day….but there was not a chance in the world renee could hold it back during this song. (for that matter, neither could mindy while she was trying to take pics!!)

attention all future grooms out there….the ladies, they like it when their man sings to them :) just ask renee.

thank you, isaac + renee, for having us join your party. we’ll adopt your family and friends any day!!!
and here’s how we tell your story with a few of our faves :)

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