so if you follow our blog…you might be aware that we shoot families in connecticut (new haven area) once or twice a year. anyhoo…leslie (who lives in new haven) emails us like a week before one of our last trips out there, wondering if we could connect to talk about shooting her wedding. i can’t even tell you how fun it was to say, “we’ll be in new haven next week. does that work for you?!” loved meeting them!! and loved shooting their wedding.

leslie…you did everything just right. your wedding was perfect.

the day started at The James…which is now easily one of our favorite hotels to stay at in chicago.
then came the portrait/party shots…which turned out to be like a collection of some of our new favorite locations!
then the art museum…(the wedding and reception was held in the new modern wing!)…ummm…i think this defines the perfect place to get married!!

we were just talking with some photographers the other day about shoots in chicago and how people often want a skyline shot. well, given that your ceremony was outside…on the roof of the modern wing (hello!), the whole ceremony was a skyline shot…. but that said, what i remember most about your ceremony was all the glances. the looks you and rob kept sneaking. and the way your dad simply adored you walking down the aisle. perfect.

rob and leslie…thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your day!! and next time we’re in new haven…lunch at that mexican restaurant we talked about for sure (i totally forgot what it was called…but i haven’t forgotten how amazing it is).

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