my family has an ongoing christmas joke based on a memory from YEARS ago.

one of the little cousins was soooo excited about the present he was giving to grandma that he couldn’t wait for her to open it. you could see him trying to hold it in…but seriously, can you really expect a three year old to hold it back?!! so with a burst of energy that made us all jump a bit, he burst out “it’s a hot dog!!!” (one of those sqeaky toys for a puppy).

i feel a lot like that little boy posting this blog…cause i’m so excited for you to see how beautiful this wedding — and couple — is. and i just…can’t…wait…for…you….to…see….the…pictures…!!!!

check out the dress. and the shoes!
and the AMAZING cathedral that makes it oh so fun to create artistic shots!
and emily tearing it up on the dancefloor.
oh..and the 10+ story blue wall with tons of colors of paint dripped down it.
and mike and emily’s first dance in the colony club.

[catching a quick breath]

and the fun random shot of mike and emily in the elevator at the end of the night?!

ugh. way too fun!! and beautiful.
we’re on mike and emily withdrawal.
hope you love the pics like we do!

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