professional hats off.
mom and dad hats are on.
we really really really love our kids and wanted to show you a bunch of pictures of them!!!

we actually took these pics in florida in february…the week before we flew out to vegas for WPPI. mindy had been wanting to do a shoot in Ybor City (near Tampa) for just about forever!!! so this was going down whether the kids liked it or not!!

oh…where are my manners. in case you haven’t met our kids, KEEGAN is the oldest sporting the cool argyle sweater. he’s 9. loves legos, video games (currently spore though we’re gonna start teaming up on portal 2), model rockets, and his remote control car he got for his birthday. he plays soccer (midfield). likes tennis. and is starting guitar lessons this summer!! and….he just got braces this morning!!

CARTER, almost 7, is our crazy redhead (now strawberry blonde, but if there was ever a redhead stereotype, he wears it well.) think animal from the muppets! or shaun white. carter is the blur on the soccer field that’s on the ground sliding for the ball as much as he’s on his feet. he loves his big brother and ALWAYS wants to sit with him and do whatever he’s doing. he doesn’t like pizza (no lie!) and usually chooses fruit or vegetables over french fries. crazy kid!

and then there’s LANGLEY (aka, laney, laney-lu, lulu, or louie). she’s a 5 1/2 year old version of mindy. she reads design magazines and flips the corners on most of the pages so she can come back and look at her favorites (just like her mom!) laney is at that magic age where she knows exactly how she wants her hair done (and how she doesn’t want it done) and thinks she should get to pick out all of her outfits on her own. and though you might not see it in the pics, or the videos we post on facebook….langley also has a shy side we love that lasts about 30 seconds :)

and most importantly…all of our kids love jesus!

now before the rest of the pics….2 quick notes.

first, some people wonder if our kids love having their pics taken. umm…no! (except for laney…some of the time). we included a bunch of random shots to show you their wiggles…and carter sticking his butt out at us!

and second…one of my favorite pics in this blog post is the black and white shot of laney looking up with soft eyes showing us a little flower. sadly…this was at the end of our shoot when everyone was tired (including dad!) and patience was, well, long gone. bottom line, she started crying just before mindy was supposed to take her closeup pics. we weren’t sure if she had it in her…but the pic we got was one of our favorites ever. sweet girl!!

so here’s our kiddos. we couldn’t be more proud!!

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