wind and photoshoots usually don’t go together….UNLESS WE’RE SHOOTING JOSH + HEIDI!!

remember that time that we were getting shots of josh and heidi while the wind was perfectly blowing heidi’s hair and scarf (work it!!), and then right when we framed the shot we wanted, the wind died. yeah, that was awesome. mindy had me hiding just below the shot, throwing heidi’s scarf in the air to try and make it look like it was still blowing, haha. i got some mad scarf throwing skills…even though we didn’t use any of those shots. hey, it was worth a shot! needless to say, all the shots we ended up going with were the real deal…real hair blowing in real wind, with a really awesome couple!

anyhoo…here’s some of our faves from this windy day (you’d never know it!) in the windy city.

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