almost a year ago to date, we did a quick photo shoot with my mom, stepdad and all 7 of their grandkids on a cold day in november. a few weeks later, we received the horrifying news that my mom had pancreatic cancer and that her very large malignant tumor was lodged near her pancreas and was encased in major arteries and blood vessels. the diagnosis after many doctors…….. inoperable and terminal. this was not only a huge blow because of the news itself, but also because my mom had beat breast cancer almost 25 years prior. she had kicked cancer once and now this monster had raised his horribly ugly head again. needless to say, none of us were prepared for the reality of this news. the doctors made us believe that she may not make it past a year…… but here we are…….. at almost a year later. we believe in the power of prayer. we believe that if He chooses to, God can fully heal her cancer. and we believe that my mom and the rest of us are not giving up. it’s been a hard year, but we are thankful for every day we have with her.

this photo shoot reminded us how important it is to document our lives and those we love. about a month later, my mom lost all of her hair and a lot of weight. this shoot was that last time that she may ever have her long red hair again….. although her hair has begun to grow back and is in a really cute pixie style right now! :) all of us were so glad that we did this shoot before the chemo and radiation started to steal some of her outward healthy appearances…. (though she still looks so beautiful!!) however, the important traits, cancer will never touch. my mom’s kind and loving heart…… the way she lights up when she is with her grandkids……. how she is always looking out for everyone else…….. the way she can talk to anyone, including complete strangers (and she does…. all the time) :)……. her adventurous spirit…… her impeccable style (minus the green dress that looked like a “moo-moo”and we all voted out of her wardrobe)…… her tender and sensitive spirit and the way she completely loves her family and friends.

as you enjoy these photos of my mom with her grandkids, (whom she absolutely ADORES), please keep our family in your prayers. pray for strength, longevity and complete healing. our God is bigger than cancer…… no doubt about it.

and to my mom, who is lovingly referred to as “dede” by all her grandkids……….. you are so LOVED!!!!

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