this was one of those weddings that we had seriously been looking forward to for months!!!  what could be better than being flown to paris with your super hot lover to shoot an elopement of an amazing couple whom we now call friends?  not much.  :) when cassie (paper designer extraordinaire at pixie chicago) contacted us to shoot a reception for her in chicago (after they returned from their elopement in paris), i flippantly wrote back to tell her we traveled.  she responded with a “really?” and the next week everything was booked.  ben and i have both been to europe separately, but not together, so we decided to add on a couple of extra days (like seven) and galavant through paris together.  it was like a second honeymoon and i’m not gonna lie……. we made out A LOT!!!

back to jacques + cassie.  we met them for the first time in paris, two days before their wedding and we fell in love.  the day of their wedding was so relaxed and fabulous.  they held their intimate ceremony in some beautiful gardens under a amazing gazebo with intricate details.  after they were hitched, they kissed, drank champagne and we all hopped in a chauffeured car to hit some fabulous locations in paris that ben and i had scouted the week before.  the four hours we had to explore and shoot flew by as we were having such an incredible time with them.

one of our favorite memories was when we traveled to the top of the city in montmarte (home of the sacre coeur, aka, the fancy cathedral in the pics below).   locals and tourists FILLED the stairs every night to catch the most amazing view of the sun setting over the entire city of paris.  it would start casual with kids running around and amazing street performers.  and then the peddlers would come out with the $3 heinekens and the street performances turned into more of a concert with a lot of buzzed people singing along.   we couldn’t wait to bring jacques and cassie here to catch some shots.  we basically just asked them to stand in the crowd and kiss.  what we didn’t anticipate is that the street performer stopped his song and started to serenade these newly married lovers while everyone sang a long, cheered, and toasted with their heinekens!!  cassie wasn’t the only one with tears in her eyes.  this wasn’t just one of our favorite memories of their wedding.  it was one of our favorite memories ever!!!

jacques and cassie…thanks for letting us tag along and capture your perfect paris wedding!!!  here’s some of our faves.

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