what better way to start december than by flashing back to a wedding on the hottest day of the year?!!! it was pretty much over 100 degrees all day long…and it was an outdoor wedding. ceremony? outside. reception? outside. and honestly, it was perfect!!! only corey and margaret and all their AMAZING friends could turn this sweatbath into one of the most amazing parties we’ve ever seen…and we’re not just talking weddings! sweat was just one of the details that made this wedding more fun :)

did we mention that corey and margaret brought in a vintage ferris wheel for their guests to ride? oh…and an ELEPHANT?! yup. hey…if you’re going for an outdoor, vintage tent wedding, how could you not have a ferris wheel…and elephant?!!

huge hugs and thank you’s to our good friends, jayden and caroline of woodnote photography, for introducing us to corey and margaret. caroline, we know it was killer hard for you to not shoot your sister’s wedding!! so thanks for thinking of us!!

did i mention they had an elephant? oh yeah. i think i did.

it’s easy to write about the heat, the elephant, and the ferris wheel when there’s all these pictures of them. but we hope the main thing you see in the pics is how beautiful corey and margaret are. inside and out. and together. thanks you two for inviting us to be there on the best day of your lives!

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