[we’ve posted this video on facebook…but wanted to share it here as well. so if by chance you’ve already seen it, thanks for watching it!! and we don’t mind if you watch it again :)]

as many of you might know, mindy’s mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last christmas. the news was devastating. but she beat breast cancer 25 years ago, and if cancer wanted to pick another fight, dede was ready to fight it. and fight she has!!! this christmas may have been the most meaningful of all as mindy’s whole side of the family got together on the 23rd, and then we all spent christmas day with dede and papa at their house.

time together has been…and always will be…the best gift of all!!

and speaking of gifts, this year, we DIDN’T do a photo shoot for christmas! we went to the dark side and made a video!! (haha, just kidding. we love video and have a crush on cool videographers!!) we brought in ben mahoney (and crew), one of our favorite videographers in the whole world, to spend a day shooting pape, dede and the grandkids, and we couldn’t be more happy…the kind of happy discovered in boxes of kleenex and giggling kids who’ve been watching the video over and over. this gift was for papa and dede. but it was also for the kids who will have this forever.

sometimes, tears make smiles even bigger. such was the case for christmas this year!

so if you haven’t seen our video yet…and especially if you’ve never met DEDE…


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