the tough part about going to chicago is that there are just so many darn cool people that live there. like drew and baomy. seriously…we want to take you to chicago with us so you can meet them. and you’ll agree. they rock!

on a sidenote which will make sense in a minute…many of you might know that one of our favorite stores in the world is salvage one in chicago (we bought half of the stuff for our studio there.) think three floors of mind blowing architectural salvage, all things vintage and urban mixed in with gobs of industrial goodness….and then think about getting married there!! [btw, mindy has talked over and over about renewing our vows there!] it’s perfect.

so you can imagine how excited we were when drew + baomy asked us to shoot their wedding there. this place has them written all over it.

we couldn’t wait to show you these pics. drew and baomy knocked it WAY out of the park with their details. one could almost get away without doing tons of details in a space this amazing, but that wasn’t the case for these two. every space and every moment was an opportunity to do something personal, create something original and do out of the ordinary stuff that so perfectly captured their personalities. we felt like we were getting to know them better and better with every detail we shot and every moment we captured.

so for this blog post, we wanted to do something a bit different. instead of sharing a bunch of pics of the day, we wanted to show you their wedding album which tells the story and captures a ton of the details in 30 spreads. we’d love to sit down and flip the pages of this album with you, but we figured this was a close second to that. [p.s. if you click on the images from of the album spreads, they’ll open up bigger so you can see them better!]

so without further ado, meet drew + baomy.

__________ALBUM STARTS HERE______________

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