oh soooo much to share!!!
and soooo many people to thank for their awesomeness in helping make this shoot happen!!

but first…an announcement. no we’re not pregnant. :) but we would like to introduce you to our new business, FANCY FRAY.

it’s a long story that we’d love to share. but the short version is that i (ben) asked mindy last year what else she would love to do besides take pictures. she hardly breathed before answering…”shop!!!” to be more specific…she wanted to hit up every antique store and flea market she could find and buy stuff for our home…err…i mean, for the new business. :)

so FANCY FRAY was born. it’s a place where DIY brides and designers can rent all the stuff they’ve been buying for their vintage styled weddings (chandeliers, vintage buffets, velvet couches, and oh so much more!) and then we’ve also been working with randy ross, our amazing carpenter friend, to help develop solutions for designing wedding spaces like free standing vintage styled walls, and vintage light posts that allow you to hang chandeliers in your wedding space.

(to clarify…we are still photographers. and still love it. starting FANCY FRAY just lets us do more of what we love. we get the best of both worlds.)

ok…enough about that for now. but if you have a minute after checking out these pics, we’d love if you visited our website at, liked us on facebook, or followed us on twitter.

now let us introduce you to caz and jayden…our lovely friends from wisconsin who are also the AMAZING photographers behind the camera at woodnote photography. ummm…has there ever been a cooler looking couple??!! and to think they apologized for not being models. pppfffft. crazy.

we knew we were gonna need some pics to put on our new website, so we called in the best to help. and help they did!!! so if you’re seeing things in these pics that you like, it’s because the best of the best gave us a hand. let us tell you about these amazing peeps so you can hire them for your wedding. :)

Floral – Jenn Ederer and her team at MODERN DAY FLORAL. they have worked magic for so many of our brides and we can’t help but recommend her as much as possible. and she’s a close friend that we love dearly.

Hair & Makeup Artist – Rebecca Gohl, vintage stylist. yowza!!!! perfect! she nailed the whimsical vintage feel we were going for.

Cake – Ken and his team at Mirabella Confections . we recently discovered him after seeing his great work at our weddings and we’ve been recommending them ever since.

Dress – Maggie from Renee Austin Wedding. you are our hero. we love your shop…the dresses…the style…and you! thank you!

and while we wish we could say the camper was ours… we’ve got to say that Chip and Dann at Rebel Reclaimed know how to camp in style!! not to mention that we’ve dropped a pretty penny buying their amazing stuff (some of which is in these photos…and a lot of which is in our home!)

and finally, a HUGE shoutout and thank you to our intern Taylor Sophia for helping out with the setup and basically saving us from total destruction on more counts than one. thank you!!!

anyhoo…that’s a lot of typing. but it’s worth it, because these people rock!! thank you for helping us present our new business with some serious style.

and now… enjoy the pics!!

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