laney balloons01

meet LANGLEY RYAN PETERSON (aka, “Laney”).  she’s the littlest of our littles… she’s beautiful inside and out.  and she has our hearts in every way!!!

so what else does a photographer family do when they have bajillions of balloons that are quickly losing their air??  “Laney, quick… we’re doing a photo shoot for you!!!”  pull out the sparkly shirt. the amazing headband from Pixel & Hank.  and the rocking boots!!

anyway… we took these pics a few months ago, but we love them too much not to share.  and frankly, we’re so proud of our little girl that we can’t help but want to introduce you to her.

meet our love, Laney!

laney collage01

laney collage02

laney balloons02


laney collage04

laney balloons03

laney collage05

laney collage06

laney collage07

laney collage08

laney collage09

laney balloons04

laney collage10

laney collage11

laney collage12

laney balloons05

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