Family sessions vary as much as, well.... families. Some have bunches of kids, some just one. Some are "young at heart." Some are simply old (not you of course... I"m talking about those with you!).

Contact us so we can talk about spending some time with your family.


  • $300 within 30 miles.
  • $35/person over five people


Your session will last 1.5 - 2 hours. And then we'll select 50ish of our faves for your online slideshow and gallery.

Now, some of you that aren't fans of having your picture taken might think I forgot to mention "torture" as what's included. But no worries, everyone's survived so far, and most have even enjoyed it. At least a little :)


After your gallery is live and online, we'll ask you to choose between two packages, both of which include the disk of edited images plus various degrees of print credit (so your main prints can come through our pro lab... which makes a HUGE difference! Trust us.)

The first is $600 and includes the disk plus $150 in print credit. Think around four 8x10's or two much bigger ones.

The second is $750 and includes the disk, $400 in print credit, plus 50% off additional print orders from your gallery. This is the way to go for sure if you're thinking about prints as gifts, wallets for seniors, or covering a whole wall with them. Like paper mache in your living room.